A New Direction

By Adaeze Theresa Ogeah

January 9, 2020

Into the Future

In our new series, we will be engaging you with HOW-TOs, including hands-on experience capable of landing you a digital career and a gig in the digital economy.

Adaeze Theresa Ogeah

Adaeze Theresa Ogeah

Digital Content Creator

Welcome once again to DigitalCitizens and to the Year 2021. It’s been a roller coaster getting to this point, right from the start of 2020 to the start of a new year of happiness.


In our series of digital technologies, we have together explored the benefits of innovative technologies, however, on today’s Insight, I will be giving centre place to the internet and social media, because of how they came through for humankind throughout the low and high periods of the COVID-19 phase of 2020.


Undoubtedly, the internet came through for our entire world by enabling real-time dissemination of information with evident positive results, both in the areas of debunking fake information and equipping residents with the right information. Also, the world witnessed a rise in the development of mobile and web applications which came in timely and handy in the fight against the coronavirus, and in helping us engage meaningfully remotely, and through the internet as well, we got to appreciate the untold efforts of healthcare providers and researchers, and the creativity in us which many didn’t know they were capable of until they were disconnected physically from people they ordinarily would engage with regularly, and started sitting put at home all day with 24 hours to charge up their brains.


While the internet in general, was unlocking new doors, there were lots of fakes flying around on social media which like never before, motivated developers of such platforms, governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as individuals to leverage same platforms for education, information dissemination, skill impartation and acquisition, gig employment, among other unprecedented developments. Thanks to social media for being easy and inexpensive to use, for creating jobs and businesses for many, and also for being a huge channel for information dissemination. Sadly, social media has a notorious reputation as top carriers of fake news, and in fact, they are synonymous to fake news for some people, while for some others, they are just another chillout spot to hook up with friends and family, share moods with the world, give an impression of new achievement or rise in status, compete with others, flaunt a new acquisition or lifestyle, share links, create new or use existing hashtags to start or follow a trend, etc. Thankfully, the role social media played in humankind’s adaptation to a new normal which this generation had no clue of its brutal stings of no social contacts and staying at home all day, seven days a week, was phenomenal, and the benefits of social media cannot be overemphasized.


Nonetheless, now that access to virtually any person, place of thing has become easier and quicker than ever before through technological developments we have seen in the immediate past year, I am curious and inquiring from you right now if you’ve ever been hacked? I mean, have you received a text or an email notifying you that someone in another location just signed into your social media or email account? Have you ever gotten a message from your browser notifying you that one or more of your passwords may have been compromised? Or have you received a call or chat from your friend asking you why you sent them a friend request again on Facebook? Maybe yours is that you got a friend request from yourself, or you received an SMS notification requesting you to confirm payment when you haven’t even placed an order for anything, and the list goes on and on. However, if you answered Yes to any of those, you are not alone, and you’re in the right place where we will be engaging you with our new series of HOW-TOs, including how to protect your digital identity. And if none of those hack incidents is applicable to you, you’re equally not left out in the series, as we’ll be dishing out simple and practicable ways to excel in a digital economy. So, what is it that you’re to expect from us this year? Yes, we will be giving you a hands-on experience capable of landing you a digital career and a gig in the digital economy.


Once again, on behalf of our Content Creation Team, I wish you a Happy New Year, and we say thank you for coming around to read our articles.



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