Insight into the Future

Digital Citizens is a nonprofit technology brand that provides digital citizenship services for the digital transformation of the underserved, the less privileged, and Africa.

Through digital literacy programmes and collaboration with appropriate individuals and organisations, we plan to equip our target audience with requisite knowledge and skills needed to:

  • function maximally in the digital era;
  • compete favourably in the labour market; 
  • create impactful digital products, services and jobs;
  • harness digital technologies for accessible, inclusive, and usable library services, and
  • make Africa a hotbed of technological innovations.

Digital Citizens provides awareness and training services that promote effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with digital technologies. We publish igniting insights that are capable of transformative actions and positive outcomes. We design our programmes to promote digital intelligence, digital culture, and digital transformation.

Image of someone looking into the future


We are not waiting for the future to implement trends we start. We are living the future now.

Together, we will create the future we want


In DC, we believe that everyone who is of learning age – young or old – can become a digital citizen. Thus, we are reaching out to children, teenagers, young adults, older adults, and the aged, irrespective of their ethnic, racial, religious, political or social inclination, and their academic status. However, a special target category we are keen on extending digital literacy opportunities to are out of school children, senior citizens, the underserved, and rural dwellers.

DC Model

DC employs technology and business models in upskilling our audience, so that they fit meaningfully into their operational environments. 

Digital Culture
Digital Culture


Keep making digital citizens until no one is left out.


To achieve our vision through technology-driven human capital development programmes, and through the provision of accessible, inclusive, and usable digital solutions.

Maintaining appropriate behaviour while participating in digital activities is our strongest crusade.