DC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Digital Citizens is a rising professional digital services company, providing a broad range of digital services and solutions. We are harnessing time, energy, smart technology and human ingenuity to create the workforce of the future. We are a catalyst to the implementation of innovative strategies to improve the way Africans work and live.

Our African affinity notwithstanding, Digital Citizens provides equal employment opportunity without prejudice against innate or acquired identities, and other protected inclinations. The processes of hiring, training, performance evaluation, promotion, compensation and benefits, and termination of employment are based on merit, business needs, and established standards and regulations where applicable. 

Digital citizens is committed to providing a work environment driven by passion, expertise, fun, and zero-toxicity.

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Volunteer 3

Be A Volunteer

If you are not sure how or where to begin from, we welcome you to join our team of champions by taking up a volunteer position. 

One benefit of being a DC Volunteer is that when there is an opening for a paid position, we first look inward [among our volunteers] for suitable champions before getting the opening out to the public.

We don’t just want you to volunteer for us, we want to colour your career as well.


Be A Transformer

If you have an idea in line with what DC stands for, but do not know how to implement it, we welcome you to join our team of trailblazers.

The DC community is a bank of brains wealthy in theory and practice. We embrace creative and innovative ideas to drive value for the future.

Through critical analysis, evaluation and informed judgement, we will start a trend together.