Our team stands for starters of trends; not followers of trends. We are creative in imagination

Job Description
Join our team of content planners and developers to shape the future of Africa through creating content that will give igniting insights into the worlds of digital citizenship, digital culture, and digital transformation. We are looking for content that can spur transformative actions that will culminate in positive outcomes. The content you create will be published primarily on the Insights page of our website, and secondarily on our social media pages.
Job Responsibility
  • Research IT-related topics and create a unique piece of writing from your research findings. 
  • Create simple-to-understand content that equips readers with knowledge and/or skills needed to be aware of, or use basic or advanced technologies necessary in any walk of life. Your content should be able to spur readers into transformative actions.
  • Write one article fortnightly (every two weeks). 
  • Prepare well-structured drafts with WordPress for an editor’s review, before publishing
  • Work with other members of your team to avoid duplication of content
  • Ensure your content is free from plagiarism
  • Ensure all non-text information (images, videos, graphs, charts, etc.) included in your content are either created by you (original), or are content that you have the right to use, modify and share. Please see Creative Commons Licenses for details
Job Requirements


  • Good knowledge of WordPress visual editor and publishing. Knowledge of WordPress code editor is a plus.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills. Ability to write with minimal or no typographical and grammatical error is a plus.
  • Effective communication skill.
  • Demonstrable ability to attract readers to you content
  • Ability to meet with deadlines.
  • Minimum of a Diploma degree in any field of study. However, if you hold a degree/certificate relatively lower than a Diploma, and you trust your writing skills and understanding of the content areas described in the job description above, you can send in your application, but with strong reasons why you should be given an opportunity.


Digital Citizens will not be responsible for any content (whole or part) that is guilty of falsehood, and/or any form of rights and acknowledgement violation. Hence, content creators are strongly advised to keep their content as original as possible, as our team stands for starters of trends; not followers of trends. In DC, we are creative in imagination.

Job Summary

Job Title: Digital Content Creator

Reference Number: 1420-0001

Job Type: Volunteer

Location: Remote

Industry: Technology | Content Creation

Prior Experience: Not Required

Application Status: Open

How to Apply

Before you apply, make sure you have read and understood the information given about the job, the disclaimer inclusive.

Click the “Apply Now” button below and fill out the form.

Be sure to attach all required documents 

Why Volunteer?

One benefit of being a DC Volunteer is that when there is an opening for a paid position, we first look inward [among our volunteers] for suitable champions before getting the opening out to the public.

We don’t just want you to volunteer for us, we want to colour your career as well.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Digital Citizens provides equal employment opportunity without prejudice against innate or acquired identities, and other protected inclinations. The processes of hiring, training, performance evaluation, promotion, compensation and benefits, and termination of employment are based on merit, business needs, and established standards and regulations where applicable. 

About Digital Citizens

Digital Citizens is a technology brand that provides digital citizenship services for the digital transformation of Africa. Through thorough digital literacy and digital transformation programmes, and collaboration with appropriate individuals and corporate organisations in the technology industry, we want to be able to equip Africans with requisite knowledge and skills needed to:
  • function maximally in the digital era;
  • create unique digital products, services and jobs that will strengthen the African economy;
  • have a strong voice among international counterparts;
  • make Africans highly competitive in the labour market, and
  • make Africa a hotbed of technological innovation.
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