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  • If you are selected for this job, all content you create for publishing on our website should not have been published/posted anywhere else, and should not be published/posted anywhere else. However, content created by you and published on our website can be shared on social media pages, using the web page’s link, with the aim of directing social media readers to your content published on our website.
  • For every content you create for publishing on our website, we acknowledge you as the creator/author of the content/work, as your name, photo, and any other necessary detail shall be appended to the content. However, upon publishing on our website, while you remain the creator/author, Digital Citizens becomes the owner of the content, and holds all publishing licenses in that regard, and shall as well determine the attribution licenses to the content.
  • Attribution licenses we shall determine for all content in this regard, published on our website, shall ensure that any individual or organisation who wishes to use a percentage of the content, and at any level, shall acknowledge the creator/author duly, as well as our company, being the owner of the content.
  • All content are subject to an editor’s review before they are published on our website.
  • Digital Citizens reserves the right to refuse a content from being published, if the content, in the best interest of the creator/author and/or our company, is deemed not good enough for publishing.
  • Digital Citizens reserves the right to take down a published work, if the content, in the best interest of the creator/author and/or our company, is deemed not good enough to remain published.
  • By volunteering to create content for us, you understand that your role is not tantamount to that of an employee of our company. However, one of the benefits of volunteering with us is that you will be among the first to know when we have an opening for a paid position.










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Digital Citizens provides equal employment opportunity without prejudice against innate or acquired identities, and other protected inclinations. The processes of hiring, training, performance evaluation, promotion, compensation and benefits, and termination of employment are based on merit, business needs, and established standards and regulations where applicable. 

Digital Citizens is a technology brand that provides digital citizenship services for the digital transformation of Africa.

Through thorough digital literacy and digital transformation programmes, and collaboration with appropriate individuals and corporate organisations in the technology industry, we want to be able to equip Africans with requisite knowledge and skills needed to:

  • function maximally in the digital era;
  • create unique digital products, services and jobs that will strengthen the African economy;
  • have a strong voice among international counterparts;
  • make Africans highly competitive in the labour market, and
  • make Africa a hotbed of technological innovation.

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