We are creative in imagination

We harness time,
energy and expertise to create something new

We blaze trails and set the pace for trends

Creating the Future we want

We equip people with necessary knowledge and skills needed to be confident digital citizens

We teach necessary soft and hard skills children need to adapt responsibly to the demands of the digital world

We help fit meaningfully into the digital world, old people born before the widespread of digital technologies, and those who did not have the luxury of digital technologies in their active years

We combine business and technology models to enhance productivity for small businesses by creating accessible, inclusive, and usable digital products and services

We empower rural dwellers, the underserved, the less privileged, and select Africans with knowledge, skills, and resources for digital literacy

We partner with appropriate individuals and organisations to make digital citizens

Being there for those who need us

We employ cutting-edge teaching methods to train groups and organisations on any aspect of digital technologies

We design and develop accessible, inclusive, and usable digital solutions for businesses and organisations.  

We setup state-of-the-art digital libraries for institutions and organisations

We proffer professional advice on digital technologies that deliver value within specified timeframes

We initiate, plan, and execute digital projects in line with appropriate standards, policies, and goals

We manage everything IT for businesses and organisations

We use appropriate research methods to gather and analyse user needs and experiences, and use suitable research report and communication methods to inform stakeholders of the research findings, for data-driven decision making

We supply digital technologies to clients

The Drive for Our Services

Our target groups are the underserved, the less privileged, and Africans. We are equipping people in our target areas with digital knowledge and skills that are capable of improving local economies and the socioeconomic status of people. Although we are interested in the digital transformation of all facets of society, our services have been sought the most in the library, information, and business industries.


DC is partnering with libraries, library associations and other library stakeholders to train library and information professionals in the efficient use of pertinent digital technologies and skills necessary for optimum functionality in today’s digital world.

Information Industry

DC is partnering with information commons and other information stakeholders to train information professionals in the efficient creation, evaluation, conservation and preservation, and dissemination of information for current and future generations.

Small Businesses

DC is undertaking digital projects, as well as developing digital solutions which enhance staff efficiency, products and services effectiveness, productivity, and the web accessibility of small businesses run in our target areas.