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Adaeze Theresa Ogeah Digital Content Creator The word IT has fast become a popular slang in our world today. The man in the street knows and uses the word IT, but may not necessarily be familiar
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Source: Forbes | Author: Toby Shapshak | Published: Oct. 30, 2019   Even though Africa's tech hubs have grown to a new record of 643 across the continent, some 25% of them only provide coworking spaces, presenting
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Source: DEV | Author: Sofia Jonsson | Published: Nov. 11, 2019   This last week I encountered a job application that asked me for my favorite trend in technology. Naturally, I went and googled top tech trends
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Source: Business Insider by Pulse | Author: Ross James | Published: Oct. 28, 2019   Knowing how to password protect a folder in Windows 10 allows you a degree of protection from the people you share your
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