Intro to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Source: DEV | Author: Sofia Jonsson | Published: Nov. 11, 2019


This last week I encountered a job application that asked me for my favorite trend in technology. Naturally, I went and googled top tech trends in 2019 and came across a pretty interesting list. What really caught my attention was Progressive Web Applications or PWA’s. This was super interesting to me since I’ve recently been working on expanding my React Native knowledge for a mobile app project and this seems like a happy modern medium instead of building a pure native app. Sure, there are situations when you need a mobile application, but more often than not I’m clicking the dismiss popup in my browser. Ain’t nobody got time to download an app just to delete it later.

So, this week I want to go over PWA’s and why I think they’re so cool and why you might want to use one!

What is PWA?

This application type was unveiled by Google back in 2015. It’s got web and native app traits and lands somewhere in the middle taking the best from both approaches. It was initially only for Android users, but due to the iOS 11.3 update in March of 2018, iPhone users get to join in on the fun.

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